Vaccine Forgery Detector

Valoa's Vaccine Forgery Detector can be used not only for vaccines, but for other injectables as well

The Valoa vaccine forgery detector builds confidence in the vaccination process

Vaccine forgeries are a big problem, especially in developing countries. Valoa offers a quick way to detect a non-authentic vaccine or other injectable: a table-top device that measures six parameters of the vial and its contents. The results are compared to a previous calibration, and if they are within chosen tolerances, a green light is displayed. Optionally the name of the vaccine is displayed as well. Since the vial is not opened, the test is very quick – and no vaccine is lost in a chemical analysis.

When the device is used at a vaccination site, the green light has a confidence-building effect.

The device can be used throughout the chain of delivery, from the manufacturing site to the vaccination site.

Authenticate liquids without opening the bottle

Valoa’s technology can be used to authenticate most liquids, such as beverages, chemicals, gasoline etc.

The laser-based technology of the vaccine forgery detector is covered by two issued US patents, as well as a provisional patent application.

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