Non-invasive Nephelometer

Cell culture monitoring made quick and easy!

Valoa has a unique technology for non-invasive cell culture monitoring.

The revolutionary technology of Valoa allows monitoring the cloudiness of any liquid in a non-invasive manner. Therefore there is no more need to risk contamination by opening the cell culture flask for the sake of monitoring, nor to waste cuvettes or pipettes. Simply press the Valoa Nephelometer against the outer side of the culture flask to get an accurate OD 600 measurement within seconds.

For convenience, the device is handheld, has a USB-rechargeable battery with a capacity for 200 measurements, and needs to be calibrated with a blank sample only when switching between culturing media or culturing flasks with significantly different optical properties.

The Valoa Nephelometer measures the scattering of light right behind the wall of the culture flask. Once calibrated, the reading is the same as would be obtained with a spectrophotometer.

The nephelometer is protected by US Patent 10,234,386, issued on March 19, 2019. International patents are pending.

Prototypes have been built and extensive laboratory tests have been done.

The design of the Valoa Nephelometer is currently being developed for mass production, to provide the biotechnology industry and scientific research with a low-cost, portable, reliable and versatile tool for measuring optical density. If you want to speed up our ramp-up to production, click the LIKE below to give your vote for getting the Valoa Nephelometer on the market ASAP. The Valoa Nephelometer has many applications beyond cell culture monitoring.

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